What is Trash 2 Treasure?

This is an event to encourage and educate local community to collect trash and recycle waste in exchange for a token which can be traded for donated merchandise.

The concept first originated in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia and was formulated by a dynamic young lady, AJ Linke, known as a Seaside Scavenge,  the event is gaining momentum and becoming a fun community affair throughout the state of New South Wales.

The plan of action for the event is to collect rubbish.  “Hunters” will be issued with a rice sack and sent off to collect trash. They return to the “Station” and the trash is weighed sorted by the collector and placed into appropriate recycling  bins. For every kilo of rubbish collected and sorted,  a token is received. When this is done the collector can “buy” things from the donated merchandise on display.

The trash collected will then be used for demonstrating the recycling process.

Humanity is on the march, earth itself is left behind.