Now we have the kind generous people, who cleared out and de-cluttered their wardrobes, their toybox, their garage and generously gave stock from the shelves of their shops and purchased things specifically for the event. The items donated were of great quality and variety, the local women, children and fishermen were beaming with excitement (think Christmas Eve in a big shopping mall and you got the picture) to be able to shop for ‘luxury’ items.
People and business’s who donated to the Treasure Shop:
Life in Amed – Sarah your generosity and unlimited community spirit is inspirational – so appreciated.
Liam Tan and Loren – Hidden Paradise – you were the first to donate and I was so grateful for that support you eased by mind wondering if I would be successful and getting donations!
Seaside Scavenge – lots of trendy young girls dressed in inner city Sydney fashion walking around today.
Cheryl Toole – my bagging sister, the fabric engineer who can get a sewing machine to do anything.
Camille Helsby – doesn’t matter if you have no clothes now, you look great in a hessian bag.
Anna Gill – confession time, I did take the liberty of snatching a lovely blue dress… please forgive me.
Daphne – colorful and eccentric gal, reflected in your generous donations. And all the work you did on website, always available to adjust and fix up – the site looks great.
Julia – thank you for the water, kiddies clothes and that shimmery top! and all the other stuff.
Heike and Lol De Haan – so glad you got your German soccer T shirt back Lol.
Aisha – water filter and cups
Vicky Hoff – Apa Kabar – wow your kindness is unbelievable, the masks were a real hit. All the workshop bits, we got to put them to use, looking foward to that!
Val and Kate – thank you x 1,000,000 … especially for you ongoing support
Luna – I really need that rocking chair to put me to sleep and appreciate all the other bits and pieces also, as do the locals.
Hilde the banner is fantastic thankyou for making the event look like a real event, it impressed the government officials.
Debbie Smith – hope that the jewelry kits didn’t cause you too much anguish, and the little bags were just the bees knees many thanks for sorting that out for me.
Peduli Alam volunteers for the donations from France.
and of course Rob Helsby who probably wouldn’t mind if I sold the shirt off his back…
Robyn White thank you for all your donations.