Sunday 23rd April 2017 was the 2nd Trash2Treasure Bali event, this time in Banyuning!

T2T events encourage local community to pick up trash in exchange for tokens which can be traded for donated goods.
1.130 kilos of rubbish were collected in a few hours!
Here is an appreciation summary on our Trash2Treasure event held in Banyuning on Sunday 23rd April 2017
It requires many dedicated people to successfully organise a trash cleanup, and without the help from these people this would not be a successful event.
So let’s get on with naming these wonderful people and businesses that contributed to the collection of 1,134 kilos of trash:

Thankyou one and all it was encouraging to see many of the younger generation (yep I am a bit old) out there picking up the trash that has been tossed out and not tossed in a bin. Also a big thanks to anyone that showed up for a look-see.
I apologise if I have omitted anyone.
So till next time keep reducing your use of single use items, refuse a plastic straw or bag, take your own containers to the markets or warung and spread the word that plastic is not fantastic.
Kind regards…. Annie

Rob Helsby – master of anything required
Cheryl Toole – bag maker and check out chick
Roger Toole – screen printer and trash weight management.
Debbie Smith – Nalini Resort pricing, donating many school resources and allowing her home to be turned into a depot.
Ariasa Dolar – Nalini Resort co-ordinating, translator getting flyers out, publicity and feeding us.
Daphne Travels – my other backbone at this event, always willing to take on anything too challenging for me.
Nicolas Vervliet and Helene Rabate – Amed Bali.ku Dive Resort allowing their shop premises to be bombarded with many happy shoppers in the Treasure Shop, for prompt delivery of big things to and from sites, and for helping me get this off the ground in Banyuning.
I Wayan Sariarta – Kepala Desun for granting permission to have this event staged in the Banjar and getting the word out there.
Kathryn Meadow – artistic signs, photography, helping clearing and sorting.
Valérie Derbaudrenghien – helping with educational talk and always available when asked.
Luna Angelina- registration of names
Doris Dee Quacker – pricing and organising the school packs and monetary donation.
Marina Chahboune and friend – monetary donation
Antoine Varlouf – monetary donation
Cornelia Grass – clothing donations
Robyn Ravelll, Kirana Homestay Amed – clothing donations
Anna Gill and Stef Bukal – clothing donations
Isaline Piaget, BARracuda Bar – clothing donations
Carine Amiot – toy donations and sorting trash help.
Bo Colreavy – Hooked and Cooked clothing and school supplies
The people who assisted in sorting, Linda D. Holla, Wonder Mel, Marion Massé and Amelie, and a travelling french guy, and the four local boys.
Peduli Alam their wonderful volunteers Mathilde Amirault and Isadora getting down and getting dirty, sorting and loading the trash. Providing the truck and driver to take the trash to Amlapura for sorting, recycling and what can not be used, into landfill (unfortunately).
Made Time – printing flyers and presenting an educational talk
Trash Hero Amed – supply of trash bags and moral support.
SeaSideScavange for the overall concept.